19oz Stout Glass


Step up your glassware game.

The Specs:

  • Stark, angular shape and open base creates dramatic visual cascading effect into glass as beer is poured
  • Voluminous, open bottom glass base drives beer and aromatic foam upward into main bowl
  • Ultra pure quartz material makes for unsurpassed clarity and flawless, true color presentation of stout beer
  • Wider, conical bowl significantly amplifies aromas and also provides superior flow to mid palate, improving the taste, mouth feel and finish of complex stout beers

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This glass was developed over a yearlong series of design workshops and tasting panels between experts at Spiegelau, Left Hand Brewing Company, and Rogue Ales. Each brewery tested a selection of stouts ranging from Rogue Ales’ Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout to our Milk Stout in order to design a glass that helps impart all the best characteristics of dark, delicious stout beers.

That’s right–as delicious as Milk Stout already is, we are still, as our founder and CEO puts it, “committed to constantly improving beer quality and the beer drinker’s experience… Glassware that directly impacts beer flavor is yet another step towards our goal.”

“Spiegelau is thrilled to have worked with both Left Hand Brewing and Rogue Ales in creating the world’s first stout-specific beer glass. Their expertise in the development of this unique glass was invaluable.” – Matthew Rutkowski, VP of Spiegelau

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*This ain’t no standard shaker pint. Please treat your stout glass like the fine crystal that it is!

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